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"Fridays are always my favorite day of the week. Not because it's the beginning of the weekend but it's the one day a week I get to see him. Him, possibly the one guy I'd break my rule for; the rule that stops me from pursuing guys I work with. Yeah he's that guy... It hurts though because he is also the reasons why Fridays suck. Every Friday I'm reminded why I will never have the chance to break my rule."

My finger hovered over my track pad poised to click 'Share' I wouldn't do it, I was too chicken. I stared at the words on the screen for a good minute whilst trying to persuade myself into publishing this 'secret'  Turns out I didn't need to talk myself into it, He just needed to update his own status and I was more than happy to let the world know.

Almost immediately after sharing this with all my facebook friends I got a response. I grabbed my phone to read the texts I just received. It was my friend Lindsay. She demanded to know who "He" was and what he did to me and did I need to have him hurt because she knows a few people who would happily help.

I should have expected this but I still got a kick out of it nonetheless. I was still giggling madly when I texted her back reassuring her that "he" is Drew and that he didn't do anything to me and no her "connections" were not necessary at this point in time.

After assuring her once more that her uncle's services were not needed I turned back to my facebook page. Drew's status update stared me down

Drew is "in a relationship" with Erika. I felt my stomach drop as I noticed his new profile pic along side the update. I refreshed the page hoping against all odds that my eyes were playing tricks on me; and that the whole week since Drew had told me of his joyous reunion with his ex girlfriend was all just a figment of my imagination.

No such luck, the reminder that I'd never get a proper chance was there in black and white for his 147 friends to see. There was no time to feel sorry for myself though as I had to get ready for work, because it was Friday night...FUCK.
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Kevin wrung his hands nervously as he sat in the lobby of one of the may hotels the cast stayed on during the promotional tour for Glee's second season. He was waited impatiently for Jenna to meet him for their first date.

The thought once again scared and excited him as he sprung up from his seat still massaging his sweaty palms. Glancing down at his watch he noted the time as 7:59 PM, 1 more minute and Jenna would surely be walking through the elevator doors.

He begins pacing now anxiously praying she didn't have second thoughts about accepting his invitation. It had taken a full 2 years for him to work up the courage to ask her out and he had no idea what a rejection would do to their friendship.

He chances another glance at his watch, 8:02 PM. Dejected he sits back down and buries his face in his hands. He gives himself a pep talk silently, reassuring himself that 2 minutes is not late nor does it mean she's standing him up. His face still buried in his hands, he misses the ding of the elevator opening to the lobby.

Jenna takes a deep breath as she eyes the bright LB button of the elevator, letting it out as it's shiny gold doors open slowly to reveal the posh lobby of hotel #6 on the Glee tour.

She spots Kevin immediately near the entrance sitting on one of the benches. She giggles a bit as she takes in his position. She couldn't help it; Kevin looked good no matter how pathetic he felt. She checked her phone for the time one last time; 8:06

Suppressing her giggle and replacing it with a coy smile, she walked boldly forward towards him.

She's standing in front of him for a few seconds hoping that he'd look up without her having to speak. Jenna had already used up her bravery on the walk over to him and can barely squeak out a greeting, instead she sits down next to him and lays her head gently on his shoulder.

Kevin's head jerks up from the sudden contact and he looks around wildly at the source of disturbance. He calms down when he spots Jenna in the middle of a giggle fit and is instantly relieved it wasn't a crazy fan getting too close for comfort.

He smiles at her as a way of greeting, neither of them having strength enough to break the sound barrier. Jenna proceeds to lay her head back down gently on his shoulder. She looks up at him through her mascaraed eyelashes and notices a blush creeping up as he eyed her shyly.

"Kevinnn" she sings to him breaking the previous barrier.
"Jennaaa" Kevin sings back mocking her like usual when she does that.
"Are you ready to go?" She asks standing up and smoothing out her dress.
He clears his throat taking in her appearance in a bright blue dress. He smiled thinking blue was definitely her color.

He extended his arm out to her and let his boy band-Casanova persona take over.
"My lady."
Jenna giggled at him thinking to herself how much of a dork he was and how much she liked him that way.

The doorman opened the door for the pair as they stepped out into the Boston summer evening.
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Jenna awoke to her cell phone blaring Paramore's "Misery Business" quickly grabbing her phone and checking the caller ID screen she saw that it was just a tweet from Amber.
"Rain rain go away :(" Jenna frowned upon reading it and rushed to her balcony window hoping that she hadn't just read what she had just read. Groaning in frustration as she shielded her head from the precipitation as she looked out over the railing. It was indeed pouring rain in the city of New York. Holding back another frustrated groan; Jenna rushed back into her hotel room. Jumping back into the bed and hiding under the covers like a little child.

She stayed there until she heard a knock on her door.
"Jenna! Let's hustle girl; the limo is going to be here in an hour!" Amber's voice shouted from the other side.
"I'm up!" She answered back feigning happiness.
"Did you still want to borrow my purple boots?" Amber asked.

Jenna quickly extracted herself from the mess of sheets and opened the door for her friend.

"It's about time," Amber joked.
"Sorry, I had just woke up when you knocked." Jenna explained.
"Don't worry about it," Amber smiled, "So purple boots or no?"
"Yes please!" Jenna answered smiling widely as she followed Amber to her own room across the hall.
Amber led her to the small closet in her room as Jenna stared open mouth at the clothes explosion on her bed.

"Having a hard time?" Jenna asked.
"Ugh, yes! I want to wear this but i can't find anything to match it for today," Amber whined holding up a sparkly silver shrug vest.

Jenna began digging through the pile of shirts and dresses that were on the bed.
"We're only doing interviews today nothing to formal so I think we can rule out dresses," Jenna reasoned separating the dresses from the shirts.
Amber nodded as she began putting the no pile back into it's proper storage place.
Jenna continued picking through a smaller pile of shirts before holding up a white tank top with a black paintbrush stroke design.

"Here try this with a pair of dark wash jeans," She said throwing the shirt at Amber and pointing her towards the bathroom.
"Bossy much?" Amber joked to which Jenna responded by sticking her tongue out.
Jenna folded up the rest of Amber's shirts while she waited for her to get dressed. Minutes later Amber stepped out to model the chosen outfit.

"I like it," Jenna said, "What do you think?"
"I think it'll go good with those heels i bought last week," She laughed. "Thanks girl." she said handing her the box that contained the purple boots that was a part of the original mission.
"No problem, and thanks for the boots."

Jenna hugged Amber before leaving the room and going back into her own room. As soon as she stepped over the threshold her phone went off again. She rushed to her bed where she had left it and checked the ID once more, It was another tweet from Amber

"@IJennaUsh is a life saver!"
Laughing she retweets back "@MsAmberRiley is a life saver too! RT @IJennaUsh is a life saver!"

Still smiling from Amber's tweet; Jenna walked into the bathroom where she had set out her clothes the previous night. Quickly showering she dressed in the black full length legging and an extra long white scoop neck shirt pairing it with a gray sweater shrug and extra long scarf. She gives herself a look in the mirror before putting on Amber's knee high royal purple boots. Glancing at the hotel alarm clock she determined that she had 15 minutes before the limo would arrive. She quickly began blowing drying her hair to it's usual wavy curls, and did her make up before being interrupted by another knock at her door.

"Coming" she yelled.
"Take your time," Kevin's voiced answered back.

Upon hearing his voice Jenna ran out of the bathroom and hastily opened the door for her best friend.
"Hey," Jenna said attempting to sound casual.
"Hey," Kevin responding a small smile cropping up on his face. "Limo is here,"
"Oh, um cool, I'll be right there," She said.
"I'll wait for you," He said.
Smiling she invited him in. Still smiling she re-entered the bathroom and found herself to be grinning madly and a subtle blush becoming more prominent on her cheeks. She finished her make up and cleaned up the sink counter in 5 minutes. Taking one last look in the mirror and approving her look Jenna walked back into the room ready to go.

"Kevinnnnnn!" She laughed.
A muffled sound came from her bed where Kevin had hid under the covers.
"We have to go!" She laughed.
"I don't wanna!" He said in a mock childish voice.
Jenna laughed as she walked to the edge of the bed and threw the sheets off of him. He looked up at her in mock shock and then pulled out the puppy pout.
Jenna giggled as she tried pulling him out of her bed. She didn't succeed as Kevin was able to pull her into the bed on top of him. They stared into each others eyes for a moment before Jenna got up immediately embarrassed.

"We should go now," She said grabbing her black suede purse and heading for the door.
Kevin walked up behind her, putting an arm around her waist and silently walking with her out the door. They met up with the other gleeks in the lobby. Kevin still holding Jenna close to him. She looked up at him knowing that she was still flushed from the bed incident and instantly calmed down when Kevin smiled back down at her.

It had been a long day of interviews and the cast was currently in the limo on their way back to the hotel. Dianna and Lea had fallen asleep on one anothers' shoulders while Mark had his head against the window. Cory was snoring slightly beside Lea. Chris and Amber sat in the very back texting each other so as not to wake up anyone.

Kevin felt his eyes get heavy with sleep but not before he felt a weight on his left shoulder. He looked down to see jet black hair falling across his best friend's sleeping face. He carefully pushed the hair from her face before leaning his head back against the sleep and closing his eyes.

-texts between Chris and Amber-
C: Look at them
A: Who???
C: Kevin and Jenna!!
A: Haha aww those two are too cute!
C: Do you think they're secretly dating?
A: Nah! Remember Lucas? Jenna's dating him.
C: Won't last, I think he's gay.
A: Outtaline! lmbo

The two giggle silently the rest of the way to their hotel.

-Jenna's hotel room-
Kevin led a sleepy Jenna to her room. She handed him her key card while stifling a massive yawn.

"Let's go sleepy head" Kevin says pushing the door open.

Jenna mumbles in return too exhausted to form actual words. She drags her feet slowly causing Kevin to slow down with her before he brashly picks her up bridal style and carries her over the threshold.

The sudden action wakes Jenna up as she stares wide eyed at Kevin.
"Kevinnnnn you don't have to carry me. You can put me down you know," She says flabbergasted. "If you want to," she adds in a whisper looking up shyly.

Her change in demeanor stops him dead in his tracks just feet from the bed. He gazes down at her. She's blushing slightly and her eyes are looking anywhere but in his own. He clears his throat before walking towards the bed again. She looks away from his face trying to fight the blush back from her cheeks.

Kevin gently places her down next to the bed. They stare at each other before Jenna awkwardly excuses herself to the bathroom.

"I'll be right back" she says before shutting the door behind her. She changes quickly into her PJ's that she left in there earlier that morning. She washes her face and brushes her hair quickly putting it into a mess bun.
Jenna exits the bathroom to see Kevin standing awkwardly at the foot of the bed waiting for her.

"It's getting late, we have that early flight tomorrow morning so I'm gonna go," Kevin tells her as he hugs her goodbye.



"Yeah, Don't go. Stay here...with me" Jenna tells him bravely. She leads him around the side of the bed and climbs in herself.

"Like you said we have an early flight and it's already really late. So why not stay here for the night?"

He thought about it for a moment trying to come up with an excuse, he only thought of one. "What about Lucas?" he asked cutting straight to the chase and not ignoring the sexual tension.

"He's gay, I'm his 'gay beard'," She admits laughing.

Kevin laughs too. "I thought you didn't want me in your bed," he said alluding to earlier that day when she kicked him out of her bed. She punches him in the arm before pulling him into bed.

"Wait, i need to change first," he says pointing to his attire.

She laughs before pointing to her own attire and adds "I have a lot of your clothes you can use."

"Am I ever going to get those back?" He laughs.

She ignores his question and goes to grab some clothes out of her bag. She hands a pair of flannel pants and points to the bathroom.

"What no shirt?" He asks smirking.

She winks before climbing into the bed.
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srslypau posted this awesome-tastic meme. And in addition ahigheroctave posted hers and it was genius! She was nice enough to give me four girls and four guys to decided whether to kiss, kill, shag, or marry. And to keep it going, you can ask me for people too if you'd like.

I'm going to start off with the four girls she gave me: Demi Lovato, Jenna Ushkowitz, Lea Michele, Taylor Swift

Kill: Miley Cyrus! oh wait she's not on the list damn it! umm okay So I'll say...Lea Michele. As much as I love Glee and all Lea seems to be too much like Rachel and to put it in the words of her fellow Glee characters she's irritating most of the time and makes me want to light myself on fire. And speaking of fire, Lea Michele smokes!! Which is a complete no-no for me :(

Kiss: I'm going to say Demi for no other reason other than I like the other two choices more. Demi is a gorgeous girl and God knows how in love with her hair I am but ehh nothing special to me compared to Taylor and Jenna.

Shag: This is a really tough decision but I'm going to have to go with Jenna on this one. Jenna is quite beautiful and I 'fell in love' with her on Glee. Her voice is absolutely beautiful and True Colors is one of my favorite Glee solos so far beating out Kevin McHale's "Dancing With Myself" which is a feat in itself.

Marry: Taylor Swift! Jenna gave her a run for her money in this but Taylor edges out Jenna for the pure fact that Taylor is my idol, hero and role model. Not much to it other than that.

Now for the fun part! BOYS! :Mitchel Musso, Kevin McHale, Jared Padalecki, and David Henrie

Kill: Mitchel Musso sorry buddy but I'mma have to kill you. Mitchel is cute and stuff but ehh I don't have the major crush that most hannah fans do, If I were to chose my Musso crush it'd be big bro Mason.

Kiss: Jared Padalecki I loved him on Gilmore Girls in the beginning but then it faded when Jess/Milo came into the picture. Love him on Supernatural though, he does a fantastic job as Sam but again someone has come and stolen my love from him in the form of Jensen Ackles *sigh*

Shag: David Henrie! hands down he seems like he'd be a beast in bed. I'd put more of a reason why but then I'd probably get people thinking I'm a psychotic.

Marry: KEVIN!! I want to marry Kevin Michael McHale sooo effing bad! Now at this i don't care if you think I'm psycho because my love for this man is borderline infatuation. Okay so all the explanation I will give is this; Kevin is that goofy hot geek that makes you look twice. His voice is so soothing and sexy and not to mention his moves give me heart palpitations. He's got it all, the beautiful voice, the smooth moves, the gorgeous eyes, kissable lips and OMG those teeth! And I can't neglect to mention he used to be in a boy band..um yeah HOT! just saying ;)

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I just made my first Glee fanvid! I'm really excited, please go check it out!

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Ok so here's what I have in mind for the Summer of 09.

Title: Alien
Fandom: Sonny With A Chance
Pairing: Chad/Sonny
Rating: K+
Length: Oneshot
Summary: Chad didn't know what was happening, Everything was alien to him.

Title: Random Girl
Fandom: Sonny With A ChanceXHannah Montana
Pairing: Tawni/Jackson
Rating: T
Length: Multi-Chapter
Summary: Tawni says goodbye to So Random! Leaving Hollywood behind, she moves to sunny Malibu. She meets Jackson Stewart, and for once she let's her heart guide her to happiness.

Title: Full Circle
Fandom: Hannah Montana
Pairing: Miley/Jake
Rating: T
Length: Oneshot
Summary: You never truely forget your first love.

Title: Wrong
Fandom: iCarly
Pairing: Sam/Freddie
Rating: K+
Length: Oneshot
Summary: Sam knows its wrong, but that doesn't stop her from falling for him.

Title: Our Song
Fandom: Hannah Montana
Pairing: Lilly/Oliver
Rating: K+
Length: Oneshot
Summary: They have finally found their song.
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Do you like to plan everything out or do you prefer to be spontaneous?

I plan it out in my head and then the spontaneous is what gets published
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At first she wasn't going to be a part of this chapter but i changed my mind halfway through writing it and put her in. This is the dress mikayla wore to the wedding!

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Behold... My Future
  I will marry Nick Jonas.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in NY in our fabulous Mansion.  
  We will have 3 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a blue Hybrid.
  I will spend my days as a Musician, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future
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Lilly's date dress in Chapter 3 of "Fearless"


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